Dry Cleaning Pricing

Dry Cleaning Service Rates

No registration or pre-payment required with Dry Cleaning.
Call 919.215.8575. We’ll pick up, clean & return in 48 hours!

If you have clothing that requires special cleaning, call Laundrymen, we can handle all your dry cleaning needs. The items below are only a small sample of what can be dry cleaned; including leather, suede and wedding gown preservation. Alterations are also available for a small charge. Contact us at drycleaning@laundrymen.com for more information.

2 pc. Suits $13.50 Please call for more info. Please call for more info.
Slacks / Trousers 6.55
Blazers / Sportsjackets 6.95
Skirts 6.55
Blouses 6.55
Dresses 12.95
Ties 5.60
Shorts 6.35
Sweaters / Sweatshirts 6.55
Jeans 6.70
Sweat Suit (2 pc.) 12.65
Coats 13.25+
Raincoats 13.25+
Shirt / Knit shirts 5.75
Vest 5.25
Scarf 5.75+
Designer T-Shirts 7.85
Shirts $2.85
Blouses 5.40
Knit Shirts 5.75
Tuxedo Shirts 3.75
Jean / Slacks 6.95
Shorts 6.70
Fatiques 12.95
Lab Coats 7.95
Comforters $24.25 (F) $26.25 (Q) $29.25 (K)
Sleeping Bags $18.75+

Our Dry Cleaning service is billed at time of delivery and is dependent on the type and number of clothes. Cash, check, and all major credit cards are accepted. We also offer Wash/Dry/Fold drop-off and pick-up service.


Call 919.215.8575


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